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Taylor Valentin, MS, CF-SLP

Speech Language Pathologist

Taylor began her academic journey at Texas State University, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Communication Disorders in 2021. She was thrilled to be able to pursue her passion further by earning her Master of Science in Communication Disorders with a concentration in Fluency from Texas State University in 2023.  Taylor experienced hospital settings and school settings during her time as a graduate student and gained experience evaluating and treating individuals across the lifespan with speech sound disorders, expressive/receptive language disorders and delays, fluency disorders, aphasia, dysphagia, and voice disorders. In Taylor’s free time, she likes to read, spend time with her family and cat, try new hobbies, and go fishing with her boyfriend. Taylor’s personal goal is to create secure and welcoming communication environments for her clients. She is committed to bridging the communication gap for individuals of all ages who face challenges. With a dedication to understanding and meeting each person's unique needs, she aims to help individuals thrive in whatever environment they choose.

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