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Before and Afters! (but mostly afters)

Good morning everyone! We're ready to show a few before and after pics that we mentioned in the last update. We also have a few pictures without a before to compare it to. The pictures just highlight the awesomeness of our building so well that they have to posted, though, even without an before comparison. Now, we know a picture is worth a thousand words and all, but nothing beats the real deal! So be sure to come and look at our building in person at our Ribbon Cutting. It starts at 5:15pm on October 9th, and there will be free refreshments for everybody. See you there

Floor Before_edited.JPG
Floor After_edited.JPG

Lobby Before.jpg
Lobby After.JPG

The top four pictures are before and after remodeling, with before on the left and after on the right. The next few are just after remodeling pictures.



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