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App of the Week

Happy Halloween! Starting this week, we're going to be posting an little information about a cool therapy app each Friday. Our first app is writing wizard by L'Escapadou. It can be purchased at the link here.

Writing Wizard comes in two versions; Print for $2.99 and Cursive for $3.99. This fun and colorful app is perfect for helping with letter formation and tracing! The app comes preset with a variety of shapes, numbers 0-9, all uppercase letters, all lowercase letters, and a list of 3 letter words. You can also add your own words, such as your child’s name, and even record the correct pronunciation of added words!

Writing Wizard is a great app to use with children who are learning to write. By tracing on this app, children increase their fine motor and visual motor skills, as well as learn the correct formation of letters, shapes, and numbers. Finger tracing works great, and out therapists have also found that styluses work perfectly with this app to help children improve their pencil grip.

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