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A Box Full of Fun!!

We were inspired by the following article at, which gives a few shoebox projects for kids, to share our favorite box-based activities! A few of these activities can be found on the linked article, and they also have a few other activities we didn't list, so be sure to check it out for more fun!

Shoebox creatures!

With a few different size boxes, and maybe a few toilet and paper towel rolls, shoeboxes provide the perfect outline to craft different creatures. You can wrap the boxes in tinfoil for a cool robot, use animal-print felt or construction paper to make an animal, or use different construction papers to make up a monster. You can incorporate a sensory experience with faux fur, cotton fluff, or feathers. There are so many possibilities for fun, and below are some pictures from around the web for inspiration!


Dioramas don't have to be reserved for school projects. They are a fun way to build a small world and learn about habitats. You can make a whole ocean, or a farm, or an Arctic landscape and learn about what animals live in that environment. Below are some examples.

Box Architecture

This idea comes from Toy Story, and we would highly recommend it. Using various boxes and construction paper, you and your child can create a whole town for toys to play in! You can even use pictures from magazines to decorate a cardboard dollhouse, like in one of the pictures below! However small or grand the town or house, kids will have fun creating a world for their toys to play in.

Sensory Boxes

A fun sensory game can be made with just a shoebox. Just cut a hole in the lid, and place a fun sensory item such as a bowl of dry pasta, rice, or cottonballs inside. Have your kiddo stick their hand in the hole and try to guess what could be hidden inside!

We would love to see some of your projects if you end up doing a cardboard box craft! Please feel free to share, and if we get enough we will post some on the website!

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