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Screen time with Children

Many parents today favorite choice of distraction or behavioral redirection is a tablet, phone, or iPad. In some circumstances, it is acceptable to redirect a child’s attention to a screen. Suppose you’re in a doctors’ office with your child waiting to receive wellness shots; it is an acceptable opportunity to use a screen to calm and ease a very stressful situation for your child.

Using screens has its advantages and disadvantages.

Some cons of screen use include:

  • Using a screen does not build up the same muscles in hand needed for writing

  • Decreased coordination skills

  • Limited social interaction

  • Media violence

  • Increases a child's risk for obesity

To help make screen time more meaningful for your child you can:

  • Incorporate a stylist when using a screen to promote FM coordination used in writing

  • Apps that are available to increase education such as Leap Frog

  • Quality apps/content can enhance language skills and social skills

  • When a parent is involved; connections can be made with real life scenarios to improve cognitive, attention and memory skills

It is not recommended for screens to be used for children under the age of two years old. Evidence shows that children under the age of five years old learn best from interactions with family members and caregivers. Limiting screen time is a key element for a balanced interaction between learning and free time. Limiting screen time during social gatherings is a good idea to improve a child’s social skills with older adults or children. Children need active play time to increase and develop language skills, their health and wellness as well as self-regulation when in different situations. As a family, limiting and or avoiding screen time to be more involved with children is beneficial for a child’s growth.


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