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Would your child benefit from ABA services?

Applied Behavior Analysis is a form of therapy that focuses on understanding behavior and how the environment can affect it. The environment can be any physical or social influence that could potentially change a person’s behavior. Through research, behavior analysis has established many strategies that bring about meaningful and positive behavior changes. Positive reinforcement is one principle that is used in ABA.

Individuals of all ages and diagnoses benefit from ABA services. Individuals diagnosed with autism have demonstrated improvements in communication, play, self-care, school, social relationships, and employment. ABA can help teens and adults transition into living independently.

ABA techniques and Philosophy:

  • The instructor/therapist uses various behavior analytic procedures.

  • Parents/caregivers or other individuals with a close relationship to the learner will receive training so that learning and skill practice can be incorporated throughout the day.

  • The learner’s day is structured in a way that will encourage them to practice skills that are taught to them in planned and natural environments.

  • The learner will receive copious amounts of positive reinforcement for demonstrating appropriate skills and behaviors.

  • The learner will not receive enforcement for behaviors that could harm or prevent learning.

ABA services are now being offered at All Care Therapies through Stable Life Concepts. Check out their website to learn more or to start services by following the link here.

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