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Busy Kid Debit Card

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

How Does it Work?

  • Kids get money put on their BusyKid Visa debit card through an app controlled by their parents

  • Money is loaded onto the card as it is earned by kids completing household chores or whatever parents wish to reward their kids for

  • The dollar amount value for each chore is set by the parents (ex. $1 for making your bed, $3 for taking out the trash)

  • Parents customize the list of chores according to what they want their kids to work on, as well as deciding the frequency of completing the chores

  • Many stores accept this debit card, but parents are always asked for approval of the purchase

What Benefits do Occupational Therapists See?

  • Kids learn money management skills by learning how to earn, save, spend, donate, and invest their allowance

  • Children gain self-confidence and independence in skills that they will need to know as adults

  • Kids are challenged and encouraged to complete self-care skills that they normally do not want to do for themselves with this as a reward

Learn more & get started by visiting their website:

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