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Promoting Hand Strength at Home

The strength in our hands is something many people may take for granted, but many children in occupational therapy need help building up this strength. A child with decreased hand strength may struggle with things like writing and legibility, using utensils to eat, using scissors, opening food packages and lids, or even climbing on play equipment. Decreased hand strength can impact their ability to participate in important aspects of their daily lives, but fortunately there are many ways to increase hand strength that are fun and accessible!

Hand Strengthening at Home

  1. Play with a slingshot

    • Find one at the store or build a DIY version and set up targets in your back yard!

  2. Pulling tape

    • Put tape down on the table and pull it off. For added fun go outside and put duct tape on the sidewalk to pull off!

  3. Water gun war

  4. Popping bubble wrap

  5. Pac Man

    • Cut a slit in a tennis ball for your child and then have them squeeze the sides to open its new “mouth.” Use Pac Man to gobble up small objects around the home!


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