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Shared Book Reading

Shared book reading can be a great way to expand your child’s language input and work on their speech therapy goals. Here are a few ways to make the most of your shared book reading at home:

  • Talk about the illustrations - You don’t have to just stick to the text. Label and point to what you are talking about in the illustrations by describing things using their size and color.

  • Ask your child questions about the illustrations - Ask your child questions about the story or illustrations like “Where is the dog?” or “What is the girl doing?”. These “What” and “Where” questions are easy ways to increase your child’s interaction and engagement with the book.

  • Follow your child’s lead - If your child becomes disengaged and begins to wander, continue to read the book using an animated voice and lively expressions. Often, children will be drawn back into the book reading and it will keep the experience positive and enjoyable for your child.


1. Terrell, P., & Watson, M. (2018). Laying a Firm Foundation: Embedding Evidence-Based Emergent Literacy Practices Into Early Intervention and Preschool Environments. Language, Speech & Hearing Services in Schools, 49(2), 148–164.

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