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Tying Shoes

Why learn to tie your shoes when you have Velcro?

It’s true that using Velcro is faster and learning to tie your shoes takes time. Then why learn to tie your shoes? Learning to tie your shoes helps your child’s brain and body, which can translate to other areas since many of the same type of skills needed for tying shoes are needed in other areas. Tying your shoes requires trunk strength, using two sides of your body at the same time, looking at what your doing, making sense of what your seeing, thinking/planning/doing in correct order, coordination of small and big muscles. For example, catching a ball and writing use all or some of the same skills.

If your child is having difficulty tying his shoes then consider Occupational Therapy as they will customize the program to address your child’s unique needs. For example, if your child’s decreased trunk strength is the main problem, then they can work to strengthen your child’s core muscles, while also providing compensatory methods in the meantime such a sitting against the wall. Consider Occupational Therapy to help your child succeed in life!


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