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What is "Keet Health?"

“Keet makes it easy for providers to partner with patients in the clinic and at home—supporting seamless communication, collaboration and accountability.”

Every patient and family who is a part of our All Care community should receive an email invitation to join Keet when they begin therapy at our clinic. This platform is utilized by our therapists and staff to communicate with patients and their families, send home education and exercise programs, and promote improved collaboration and clarity on what should be done outside of weekly appointments. You can receive and send direct messages from your therapist in an app downloaded to your phone, our therapists can send instructions for completing home activities, create exercise plans with daily reminders, send home worksheets for your child to complete, or assign educational handouts with information regarding a specific concern or area of focus related to you or your child. If you are not already set up with an account in Keet, please reach out to your therapist to assist you in navigating this platform and utilizing this resource to help promote progress in therapy.

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