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Congenital Heart Defects Awareness

Today is the last day of Congenital Heart Defects Awarenes Week. The above flyer is from Little Hearts, and they also have an information sheet here with some usefull information about CHDs, the most common type of birth defect.

There are many 35 types of CHDs, and sadly most don't show signs or symptoms. A few signs or symptoms that might present, as listed on Mended Little Hears are

  • Rapid breathing

  • Cyanosis (bluish coloring of the tongue, lips, skin and/or fingernail beds)

  • Fatigue (note that most babies sleep a lot, but more than “normal” fatigue or tiredness may indicate a heart defect or other medical issue)

  • Poor feeding

  • Poor weight gain

If your infant presents with one of these issues, please take them to a physician.

Little Hearts offers bother personal donations and tax deductible donations on their website, here. Mended Little Hearts also has a donation option here. Please be aware that these are two different organizations.

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