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Overcoming A Brain Injury

In honor of the last day of National Brain Injury Awareness Month, we have decided to let one of our patients tell his own story of overcoming a brain injury. Here is Austin's story:

"On June 6th, 2014 I went out to Murphy’s motocross track, somehow, on the first lap I hit a jump and crashed on the whoop section right after it. There went a month of my life. I began to get conscious about a month later, but I had double vision, and my brain was still out of it. Honestly just thought I was waking up from a bad dream. When I finally came too, I had broken my collar bone, back, eye orbital, and finger. After about a week of waking up to the same thing I knew something was wrong. So while I was in therapy, I was not conscious yet, my parents went through quite a few therapists. By the time I woke I had Greg, physical therapy, Melissa, occupational therapy, and Jackie, speech therapy. They were such an awesome group. I also got Roya to help my swallowing issue. I stayed at St. David’s hospital for 3 months. I went to CORE as a visitor first. I still don't remember it very well.

After trying Galveston, we went to CORE in Dripping Springs. That process took 4 days. I stayed at CORE for 3 months. I had Ms. Stephanie for physical therapy, Ms. Kristin for occupational therapy. Now I’m at All Care Therapy with Jenna, Julie, and Isabel, who are treating me very well. I plan on going to UT in the fall with a changed major to neuroscience."

We are so proud of Austin and how far he has come! With the help of our team at All Care and the amazing staff members at St. David's and CORE, Austin is walking, talking, completing all self care tasks independently, writing and typing his own stories, and making all us laugh at All Care. We are so blessed to be a part of his amazing success story!

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