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National Aphasia Awareness Month

This month is National Aphasia Awareness Month, and many people may be asking themselves what aphasia is. While the disease affects about one million Americans, it is a something that most people have never heard of. The National Aphasia Association gives a wonderful definition of the disorder, definig it as an "aquired communication disorder that impairs a person's ability to process language, but does not affect intelligence." Aphasia decreases a person's ability to communicate, and comes in a variety of types and severity levels. It is an aquired disorder in that it is the result of a brain injury, most commonly a stroke. The most extreme type is Global aphasia, in which a person can produce few syllables and understand little to no language. Another type of Anomic Aphasia, in which a person can typically understand speech fairly well and read adequately, but has difficulty retrieving words they wish to use when talking or writing.

The National Aphasia Association has a handy PDF for download, which we have linked here. You can also check out their FAQ for more Aphasia facts here. Below, we would like to share a very interesting video we found on their site called “Patience, Listening and Communicating with Aphasia Patients” – by the RVA Aphasia Group in Richmond, VA

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