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Why Is Physical Therapy a Better Choice?

Many patients are tempted to resort immediately to drugs for lower back pain, but painkillers only attack your symptoms while doing nothing to address the underlying physical problem. A highly trained physical therapist can help you find more effective solutions for managing your pain.

Here are ten major reasons for resorting first to physical therapy:

• Improved mobility. Physical therapy can help restore lost mobility and flexibility, which in turn helps prevent lower back pain from recurring.

• Avoiding opioid dependence. Most people prefer to minimize the risk of developing an addiction to powerful narcotics.

• Improved balance. Physical therapy can help prevent muscle imbalances that raise the risk of an unexpected fall that can result in a serious injury.

• Sports injury rehabilitation. Our physical therapists understand the special needs of athletes and how to return as quickly as possible to full musculoskeletal function.

• An alternative to surgery. Simply masking the pain with drugs risks inadvertently allowing your back to deteriorate until potentially ineffective surgery seems inevitable. A physical therapist actively seeks to improve your back's health.

• Managing age-related problems. Older back pain patients often suffer from osteoporosis, arthritis, and other health issues that can respond to expert physical therapy.

• Coping with diabetes. Regular exercise helps keep blood sugar within acceptable limits, and physical therapy can help with this.

• Women's health issues. Our physical therapists can help you cope better with pregnancy and other genderspecific issues while managing your back pain.

• Cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation. Physical therapy can contribute to your recovery from a heart attack or lung disease as part of a holistic approach to back pain.

• Stroke recovery. Our trained therapists can guide you safely and securely on the road to recovery.

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