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Physical therapy myths that fooled even the smartest patients

Physical therapy is often the key to restoring mobility for patients who have either suffered injury or have

chronic mobility issues. Unfortunately, many patients who would benefit from PT are prevented or discouraged

from participation because they, or someone they love, have come to believe common myths. Here are four of

the most common:

1. PT is for athletes

Many people associate physical therapy with visions of tracksuited men and women in locker rooms massaging

professional football players and walking them to ice baths. The truth is that physical therapy is recommended

for patients young and old, regardless of their sporting inclinations. If you've been injured or have an illness

that limits your mobility, physical therapy will, in all likelihood, be helpful.

2. PT isn't usually covered by insurance

Not only is physical therapy covered by most insurance providers, in some states, you won't even need a

referral to access it.

3. Physical therapy hurts. A lot!

Yes, in some instances, physical therapy can hurt. Frozen shoulders are a good example of this. In others,

however, physical therapy is painless. Sometimes, it even feels great (like massage). More importantly,

physical therapy will ultimately leave you in less pain.

4. I've got Google. I can be my own physical therapist

Physical therapists are highly-trained healthcare providers. Although Google might be fantastic for learning a

number of skills, self-diagnosis is not among them. It's best to leave physical therapy to the professionals.

Think you might benefit from physical therapy? Give us a call and talk to us today, we'd love to set up a free screening!

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