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Games and Educational Tools

There are several educational websites that provide fun interactive experiences supporting writing, reading, and writing just to name a few.

It is important to note that it is the parents job to set the rules that dictate when and how long their children are allowed to play these games. These games are excellent tools to supplement a child’s growth and development. Anything in excess can have the opposite effect from what was originally intended.

Some popular websites include: - Includes games from K-8th grade. With new games added frequently. Games can be sorted by subject or grade level. - provides games for pre-K up to 6th grade plus. The site is simplistic, making it easy for children to navigate. There are not a bunch of adds obstructing the screen. The website also has a mobile format supporting tablets and mobile phones. - This is an excellent tool for teachers as it allows for the creation of public or private lobbies in which students can test their skills against each other or even against the teacher. This can provide an excellent source of motivation to some children.

Parents, playing games with your children is an excellent way to build social interaction skills and problem solving skills. Even games not marketed as educational have their benefits as well. Minecraft can be an excellent way for parents to spend time with their kids. Let their imaginations free and role play along with them.

It is important to do your own research before children play any game. Some things to consider might be:

● The rating of the game - is the game appropriate for your child

● Ease of navigation - If the game is too complex to navigate for the child it won’t be engaging for them

● Is there the possibility of in-game purchases – you’ll want to be able to protect against any accidental purchases

● How intrusive are the advertisements and are they appropriate

● Give your child coping strategies - educate your child on what they should do if say they end up somewhere they aren’t supposed to be or if the device is having problems


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