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Improving Proprioception

What is proprioception? It is the awareness of the body in space, or the use of joint position sense and joint motion sense to respond to stresses placed on the body by the changing of posture and movement. It plays an important role in the planning of precise and coordinated movements to help maintain balance and controlling body posture.

Some home exercises that can help improve proprioception include:

Hose Tug: Use a regular garden hose to incorporate heavy work by pulling the hose across the lawn. Use the hose to water flowers, bushes, or even to spray at targets drawn with sidewalk chalk.

Hula Hoop Jump: Place out several hula hoops (or just one) on the ground. Create a hopping obstacle course into the hoops. Jump with both feet, one foot, and then the other. Place the hoops further away for more work. Try making a hopping memory game, much like playing “Simon” in a gross motor way. This activity provides heavy work and input through the lower body as kids jump and hop into hoops.


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