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Infinity Walk

The Infinity Walk is an exercise created by Dr. Deborah Sundbeck for both children and adults to enhance and accelerate learning by walking in a simple figure 8 pattern. As the body moves through this pattern, there is an increase in the activity transmitting between both sides of the brain. According to research, this brain activity improves the body’s overall coordination and endurance while also addressing attention, visual skills, balance, and cognitive skills. Once the initial pattern of movement has been learned, the therapist can add visual components related to the patient’s goals, such as letter or sight word recognition. The Infinity Walk can be a great tool to incorporate in therapy and at home to promote visual memory, coordination, balance, and attention required for everyday tasks. The first link below includes a video demonstration of the technique. Ask your occupational therapist if the Infinity Walk would be a good intervention for you or your child’s needs.


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