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Low Back Pain and Physical Therapy

Have you been experiencing an increase in low back pain due to recent quarantine orders and a lack of movement? Low back pain is a very common occurrence for many adults living in our community, but did you know that exercise may be the best medicine for your back?

Research has shown that exercise significantly reduces pain levels and improves overall function and quality of life! Wewege et al. (2018), performed a study which looked at the effects of aerobic exercise versus resistance exercises as a means to treat back pain and found that neither were more effective than the other, but pain levels in participants with exercise were drastically decreased compared to groups of participants without exercise.​ So what type of exercise should you be doing for your back pain? Another study by Coulombe et al. (2017), researched the effectiveness of a core stability exercise program versus a general exercise program. They concluded that the participants who focused on core stabilization, experienced improved functional status versus those who performed general exercises.​ Come see our physical therapists today to get started on a patient-specific exercise plan to treat your back pain!


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