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Emotions are hard, and for children with autism, ADD, ADHD, oppositional defiant disorder or other diagnoses, regulating those emotions can be extremely challenging.

Mightier is a subscription-based app used by the occupational therapists at All Care for some of our clients ages 6-14. The app helps identify their feelings of anxiety, anger, and frustration and combat the negative behaviors that accompany such emotions. With the Mightier program, kids are tasked with completing games on a tablet while wearing a heart rate sensor bracelet on their arm. Coping strategies such as pausing and taking deep breaths are introduced by the game. An on-screen heart rate sensor helps kids visualize their emotions as they occur and prompts them to calm down using strategies they learn and have in their toolbox on the app.

Kids can enjoy various games and challenge themselves to level-up, all while becoming MIGHTIER than their emotions! Mightier is evidence-based, showing improvements after kids stopped playing the game such as reduced outbursts. In addition, parents report seeing real-life behavioral change and utilization of heart rate control techniques during emotional dysregulation.

Mightier is appropriate for all kids who struggle with managing their emotions and is great for families! Below is a link to the Mightier website. It is a great activity to engage in both OT sessions and at home. Check it out!

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