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Preschooler Summer Activities to Try at Home

Summer can be a great time to try out new and fun activities at home! Kids can learn new things all while having a good time with family members and friends. Selecting activities that work on fine and gross motor skills are beneficial for the further development of all children as this is how learning occurs. It is easy for us to want to sit back and relax during summer but adding some movement and variety to your child’s routine can yield great results in their behavior and overall growth. Below are some activity ideas that can be incorporated into your summer schedule (Murata, 2007).

Motor Memory Games

  • Have your child mimic different movements such as kick your legs, wiggle your fingers, making different facial expressions (happy, silly, scared, etc.), arms above head, jumping jacks.

  • Use chalk or tape on the ground and have your child follow the path.

  • Get some music on and choreograph a simple dance together.

  • Use colored items such as pool noodles, bean bags, or hula hoops and assign certain commands when a specific color is chosen.

Rhythmic Games

  • Start with simple games such as clapping your hands, snapping fingers, or stomping feet and try to do it at the same time.

  • Add simple instruments to the mix, such as a toy xylophone, drum, or a whistle, and have them keep a beat or clap their hands to the beat.

Sequence Games

  • Use chalk and make a hop-scotch game. They can jump, hop, and walk by following the sequence of steps.

  • Play a game of cup stacking. Line 4 cups on the bottom row, then 3 on the next row up, then 2 and finish with 1.

  • Obstacle course with hula hoops, exercise balls, tunnels, tape, cones, mini trampolines, etc.

Spatial Awareness Games

  • Play a game of freeze. Mark off a boundary area, stay in bounds, and turn on some music and dance until the music stops, then FREEZE!

  • Use tape to make a square box on the ground. Start inside the box, have your child step, or jump in different directions. Step to the left, to the right, forward, backward now back to the middle.

Fine Motor Games

  • Use cotton balls to paint. Encourage a pincer grasp and use a variety of colors to make it fun.

  • Race to see who can bead 10 beads on a lace fastest or make a necklace using pasta.

  • Use playdough to make little creatures. Add pipe cleaner for arms and legs and add googly eyes.


Murata, N. M., & Maeda, J. K. (2007). Using Occupational Therapy Strategies by Adapted Physical Educators and Classroom Teachers for Preschoolers with Developmental Delays. Palaestra, 23(2), 20–59.

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