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Weight bearing

Weight bearing is a common intervention used in both physical and occupational

therapy where force is channeling through a part of the body. Typically, it is used

when muscles have high tone (spasticity) after neurological disruption such as a

stroke or cerebral palsy. Weight bearing can reduce high muscle tone, increase

strength and balance, improve body symmetry, and impact functional abilities

(Oliveira et al., 2019). When weight bearing through an extremity, it is important to

keep joints slightly bent rather than locking them out. Talk to your therapist or

loved one’s therapist about education on how to perform this intervention at home

in a safe and effective way!

Oliveira, E. A. R. D., Moraes, L. D., Santos, J. F. D., Ozu, M. H. U., Misao, M. H., &

Narumia, L. C. (2019). Upper limb weight-bearing effect on the body

alignment of individuals with cerebral palsy who have spastic hemiparesis: a

randomized clinical trial. Fisioterapia em Movimento, 32.

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