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What is the MagnusCards Application and How is it Beneficial for your Child?

The MagnusCard application is an endless opportunity for children, adolescents, and adults to receive assistance in completing meaningful activities that may be challenging. MagnusCard provides a guide with simple step by step instructions for a variety of everyday tasks via any mobile or electronic device. Not only does this application increase self-independence in completing necessary daily activities, but it additionally increases the users ability to visually scan, read, and sequence the instructions needed to successfully complete the task. In addition to these benefits, digital exploration and management has been proven to enhance self-determination, self-independence, and creativity. For example, MagnusCards are used to:

  • Practice and prepare for activities beforehand, to reduce anxiety

  • Follow along and re-enact with instructions in real-time, to complete activities with confidence

  • Structure and encourage independence in daily routines around the home (great for caregivers)

  • Support individual and group learning during community outings (great for teachers).

To navigate the application, you must first download the “MagnusCards” application on your desired electronic device. Once completing this, you will create an account. Once, creating an account, you will be directed to the main screen (as shown in the left picture above). Here, you can choose any pre-selected category that you or your child may be experiencing difficulty with. Then, you will be prompted several specific tasks that are relevant to the category you have selected (i.e. “making friends” within the social category or “making the bed” in the personal care category). If you an unable to find a specific card you are interested in, you can select the “search” button on the bottom right of your electronic device. Here, you can search specific meaningful tasks and find the best offered MangusCard for assistance.


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