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Holiday Shopping List Day 1

We are so excited to share some of our shopping recommendations with everyone! Today's post is dedicated to the littlest ones in our lives. Here's are some great toys for babies:

Brillant Basics Stack and Roll Cups

Babies and toddlers can learn so much with this toy! Stack and roll cups are a fun twist on nesting cups, which are great for developing cognitive skills. This toy reinforces color and size identification and is also useful for establishing object permanence (hide objects or included jingle ball under the cups and let baby find them). The jingle ball at the top is useful for getting children's attention and the entire toy forms one large ball, which can be rolled back and forth during turn-taking play.

Best for ages: 6-36 months

Skills addressed:

• visual discrimination

• visual perceptual

• identification

• object permanence

• cooperative and turn taking play

Where to buy:

Find it here, at Fisher Price.

Musical Book

A musical book is engaging and motivating for babies. Its super durable and what baby doesn't love colors and lights, and of course, music? Its also a great attention getter. Fine motor wise, its got the animal on the edges help to grab onto to turn the pages and switches inside all help to develop appropriate grasping skills.

Best for ages: 6 months - 2 years

Skills addressed:

• fine motor

• bilateral coordination

• cause and effect

• pre-literacy

Where to buy:

Find it here, on Amazon.

Lots of Links

Plastic rings are such a simple toy, but they provide awesome entertainment for little ones! Attach them to the car seat or stroller for toys on the go! We also love the texture. They provide great input for hands and mouths!

Best for ages: newborn - 12 months

Skills addressed:

• reaching

• grasping

• hand eye coordination

• tactile exploration

• oral exploration

Where to buy:

Find them here, on Amazon.

Pop Up Toy

A pop up toy is a classic baby toy that is a favorite of all therapists.We like simple toy because it addresses so much at once: fine motor skills, cause and effect skills, and can be motivation for crawling, cruising, or walking.

Best for ages: 6 months - 2 years

Skills addressed:

  • fine motor

  • cause and effect

  • manipulation skills

  • animal identification

Where to buy:

Find it here, on Amazon.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for more fun toys for all the kids in your life! Also, be sure to share our posts with your friends on Facebook for the chance to win a $20 Visa Gift Care!

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