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Importance of PT in Knee Injury Recovery

Knee injuries are quite common these days due to our high speed lifestyles. The knee joint is one of the most complex and sturdy joints of the body. It helps to support the body while we are standing. The knee may appear to only bend and straighten, but it also provides rotatory movements which help to lock and unlock the knee. These special movements help to conserve energy and ensure the knee is properly utilized during walking and standing.

Recovering from a knee injury is always complicated due to the fibrosis and deposition of calcium in the tendons. It is never a good idea to recover from a knee injury or surgery without the intervention of a physical therapist, and here's why:

1. A Speedy Recovery

Physical therapy following a surgery or injury will allow your body to recover more successfully than no therapy post injury. Studies have even shown that following a total knee replacement, starting PT as soon as you wake up can led to quicker recoveries.

2. Successful Healing

Working with a physical therapist will help ensure your body heals properly from the operation or injury you knee has sustained. A physical therapist will help to retrain muscles, regain range of motion, and, in the case of a surgical procedure, reduce scar tissue.

Every person and injury is different. This makes it so important to work closely with a physical therapist to ensure that your treatment plan is optimal for your recovery. Using exercises or protocols found on the internet could result in slower healing or even further injury. A physical therapist will ensure that your treatment plan is right for you.

3. Increased mobility

Movement is required in all of our daily activities, from walking, to gardening, to running, to shopping and everything in between. Injuries to our knees can prevent us from completing the activities we love most. Your physical therapist will work closely with you to ensure that you are moving and back to the activities you love as quickly and safely as possible.

4. An improved quality of life

You can work with your physical therapist on not only on how to best recover from your surgery or injury, but also on how to live a healthier life. Your physical therapist can help educate you on lifestyle changes to help prevent more injuries down the road. Working closely with your physical therapist can help you stay healthy for years to come.

5. Prepare for surgery

Nowadays, many doctors will send their patients to a handful of physical therapy sessions before their procedure. This will help to strengthen your knee and other parts of your body as much as possible before the operation. Your physical therapist can also give you a preview of what's to come in your recovery post operatively. Recent studies have shown that patients who completed one or more sessions with a physical therapist prior to their surgery had a significantly better recovery process (here).

Have a knee injury you need help with? Please contact us and let us help you!!

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