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Holiday Activities for Kids

If you are like most parents, the thought of trying to figure out how to keep your children entertained during the holiday break can give you a massive amount of stress and anxiety. To help cure the holiday break blues, we complied a list of holiday activities your kids are sure to enjoy.

Christmas Color By Number-This is such a great activity for visual scanning and fine motor skills.

Paper Ball Reindeer Craft-An adorable and easy craft that promotes cutting skills. Love it!

Snowman Slam Game-Simple and fun game to promote gross motor and hand eye coordination skills!

Holiday Party Games-This website has a ton of quick, simple and fun games to keep your kiddos entertained and address a variety of motor skills.

Christmas Bingo-Simple, easy, and helps promote language skills and object identification. We love it!

Christmas Would You Rather-Work on language skills, social skills, cognitive skills, and have fun doing it!

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