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Encouraging Young Writers

Writing is something integrated into our every day lives. Writing is done in order to complete tasks, whether that is an important essay in school or completing a form at a doctor’s office upon being seen. Writing allows us to communicate and express ourselves in many ways. Within therapy, writing is a big goal for most of our kiddos because of its importance. Parents often have many questions on how to get their kids to write, whether they are practicing their already developed words or just beginning.

Tips for parents with their young writers:

  • Provide a place with a hard, smooth flat surface where they can jot down all their ideas and scribbles.

  • Provide materials: paper and anything that writes!

  • Brainstorm: Give ideas and encourage their ides.

  • Ask your child to tell a simple story and write it down as they tell it, clarify anything that doesn't make sense to you.

  • Encourage your child to write their name and point out letters in their name when you see them in other locations such as in a store or on a sign.

  • Don't stress the child’s whole name when starting out, start with the first few letters and the rest will soon follow.

  • Use games that encourage spelling to increase vocabulary (crosswords, anagrams, and word games).

  • Turn your child's writing into a book by pasting it next to one of their drawn pictures.

  • Scribbling is writing, encourage it!

  • Encouraging your child copying song lyrics or words they like.

  • Hang a message board in a common area where you can leave notes for your child to find.

  • Make sure your child sees you writing so they understand the importance.

  • Respond to your child's writing and make it clear that you are interested.

  • Praise your child's writing.

  • Help your child with their writing as they age.

  • Practice, practice, practice! It makes perfect!

  • Read together, writing and reading go hand and hand.

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