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Yoga for Kids!

One activity for you and your child to do is to perform yoga. There are many benefits that can result from participating in yoga. One being it increases strength and control in your arms, legs, and trunk. By being strong and controlled a child can perform better at their fine motor tasks such as handwriting and manipulating objects. Another benefit is that performing yoga before could help a child sleep better because it is calming. Lastly, yoga can help a child self-regulate when performed routinely during the day. Research suggests that, “yoga has been found to decrease aggression and to increase emotional well-being among adolescents.” As you see, yoga has many benefits and it has even more than the ones listed above. That being said, yoga has many benefits for you and your child. If you are wondering where you can find yoga resources you can use, videos, sign up for classes at a gym, use pictures online, or buy children’s yoga books.





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