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Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is becoming a more popular choice nowadays for people’s go-to exercises. Many studies show all the great benefits of yoga, physical and mental, for people of all ages.

Specifically, for individuals who have had a stroke, they typically experience changes in their balance, feel less confident about their balance, and are a greater fall risk. About 75% of people who have experienced a stroke report a post-stroke fall. Data shows that yoga improves physical balance and balance confidence, which in turn can decrease the likelihood of falling.

Occupational Therapy with yoga could include modified physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation. Other areas occupational therapists focus on along with the yoga can be the individuals’ behaviors and attitudes, activity tolerance and variety, stroke effects, and their environment to complete these exercises. Overall, OT and yoga can improve physical, cognitive, and emotional variables in people who have experienced a stroke. Individuals who have poor balance and could be at a high fall risk, even without having a stroke may benefit from yoga as well.


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