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AAC and Literacy

How to target AAC while reading a book (this technique is a shared reading activity):

  • Go through the book and familiarize yourself with the book! 

  • Once you’re familiar with the book, choose CORE words you would like to target! What are core words?

  • High-frequency, versatile vocabulary words

  • Abstract and conceptual

  • Verbs

  • Prepositions

  • Adjectives and adverbs

  • Pronouns

  • Useful across settings

  • Require models in different contexts

  • Make sure your client has those words on their device!!

  • As you’re reading - model, model, model! It is important to show how you are using this word in a variety of ways. Ask open-ended questions! You want to teach and model, not test!

  • Attribute meaning, any time your client selects a button on their device. Give them credit, and attribute meaning to what they’re saying even if it was an accident. 

  • For example: Reading a book about a panda’s first day of school. The client selected “flower”. Clinician “you’re right! The teacher does have a flower on her desk.”

  • While it is important to model, you most certainly do not need to model every single word in the sentence. Start with    one symbol and add more symbols when the client is ready

  • For example: (Core target is: up, select the word up when it is time to say it) Spoken words: The cat goes [up] the ladder!

Read more therapy tricks on Integrating literacy with AAC instruction here:

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