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Health Resource for Mothers

Mothers of children with disabilities experience physical and mental health disparities

that affect their family’s quality of life (Bourke-Taylor et al, 2022). Because of these disparities, maintaining wellbeing and resiliency is crucial for sustaining a caregiving capacity. Achieving resiliency and this sustained capacity is challenging for all mothers and consists of a plethora of factors, including coping. Coping with the stresses of everyday life and your child’s needs is challenging, but forming and maintaining positive coping strategies are crucial as they directly correlate to your child’s wellbeing and outcomes (Bourke-Taylor et al., 2022).

Healthy Mothers Healthy Families is a research-based, free resource with guides and

related links on improving mothers’ well-being through education and empowerment.

Mothers utilizing this program have reported significant changes in mental health, physical

activity, healthy eating, managing stress, and their self-image (Bourke-Taylor et al., 2022).

Mothers also reported improvement in their child’s psychosocial wellbeing and family leisure time.

Resources included on the website include, but are not limited to:

 Planning a healthy routine

 Being physically active

 Spending time out or in a spiritually meaningful way

 Spending time with socially supportive others

 Being involved in meaningful recreational pursuits

If you have questions/concerns about how to start or further the journey of your physical and mental health, please reach out to your child’s therapist. All Care Therapies is here to support your family unit in any way we can!


Bourke-Taylor, H. M., Joyce, K. S., Grzegorczyn, S., & Tirlea, L. (2022). Mental health and health

behaviour changes for mothers of children with a disability: Effectiveness of a health

and wellbeing workshop. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders,

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