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Sleep and Why it is Important


Sleep consumes around a quarter or more of our day but can easily affect our entire day. Not providing yourself with the appropriate amount of sleep can impact your overall health, performance, cancer, pain, immune system, cardiovascular, metabolism, mental state, and even mortality. So providing yourself with enough quality sleep can keep you healthy and boost your overall well being.

Sleep Hygiene

Sleeping six hours or less is not ideal and making sure not to dip below 7 is going to be the best for your body to recover and be most rested. The percentage of the human population has steadily increased in obtaining less than 6 hours of sleep over time. This needs to change if we want to gain control over disease and health.Making sure you also have a good space for sleep and positioning for sleep can benefit the quality of your rest.

Creating an optimal individualized sleep hygiene will offer you a better quality of life and promote good health. Considering where you sleep, how you sleep, who you are sleeping with and the duration all can be assisted by your Occupational Therapist. If you are struggling with generating a good sleeping habit, talk to a therapist so that you can create better habits for yourself and live the most rejuvenated, healthy life possible.


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