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App of the Week!

Hey everybody, before we begin our App of The Week, we'd like to take a moment to assure potential and current patients that no, our therapists aren't just going to sit patients in front of app for an entire session. The apps that are reviewed are typically used in our clinic as a reward for really, really good behavior towards the end of the session. They are used by the patient with therapist involvement so that the therapist can make sure the patient is learning while having fun. We would like to advise that this transfer over to home, and that if you do get these apps they be used during your child's normally scheduled video game/computer reward time. Sure, they're better than letting kids play Grand Theft Auto or Pokemon, but as helpful as they are, they're still games. On most of the apps, we also encourage parent involvement so that younger patients get the full benefits of the app.

This Friday we're featuring Endless Alphabet by Originator's Inc as our App of the Week! Endless Alphabet is $6.99 on iTunes, and it's well worth the price. It can be found on:

Endless Alphabet is a drag-and-drop letter matching game offers a variety of words for kids to spell. Cute animations follow each successfully spelt word that provide the child with the word’s definition. This game is a great way to encourage a variety of language skills such as visual perceptual skills, spelling, letter recognition, fine motor, vocabulary and language skills, and a bit of letter sounds. It's also a super fun and cute game that will keep kids, and adults, entertained.

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