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Safe to Ingest Sensory Fun!

Today we have a bunch of cool sensory activities that are not only really cool and fun, but also safe to ingest. These activities are great for kids of all ages, and safe for those who like to put stuff in their mouths.

The first item on our list is from Kids Play Box, and while we included the link here to give credit where it is due, it is a bit buggy so we would advise caution if clicking it. The linked article is for edible “water” beads. Normal water beads are super fun, bright, colorful, smooth, and squishy. They are not, however, safe to eat, and in fact can cause some really harmful side effects. This is a real shame since they are so attractive that a lot of kids like to put them in their mouths. Hence, this clever alternative; boba pearls. Boba is a tapioca ball that is used in the Taiwanese drink bubble tea. By adding a little bit of food coloring to brighten the already colorful balls, then adding them to a shallow pan of water, you create a fun and completely safe to eat sensory experience. You can look here or boba recipes, or purchase boba here.

We unfortunately do not have a link to the next item, since the website had changed urls since the post was created.

We do, however, know the recipe. It is for edible body paint, and it is simply whipped cream with food coloring in it. Easy to make, and super fun for all ages.

The next item on our list is edible sensory play balls. This idea is from The Mud Kitchen, and uses jello to create smooth, squishy, sticky fun. These are also super colorful and offer a variety of squicky, squelching sounds. The taste, smell, sound, feel, and look of these jello balls incorporate all the senses for a truly engaging sensory activity. Click here for the recipe and article!

This next item is from Fun at Home with Kids, and while it is safe to ingest, it is not an item that kids can outright eat like the recipes above. The article, which you can read here, is for how to make a glow water that is safe if it splashes into a child's mouth, and doesn't have the strong odor or stickiness that the usual safe to ingest glow water recipes have. The fluorescent liquid offers a very cool glow in the dark experiene that is fun for kids of all ages!

Our last sensory activity is a “safe if ingested, but don't just eat it” slime recipe from Growing a Jeweled Rose. This recipe, found here offers all the sensory fun of traditional slime, without any of the worry if the kids sneak a bite or two.

We hope you enjoy these fun, safe to ingest sensory activities.

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