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All Care's Favorite Toys

As we move into the holiday season, many of us can become overwhelmed with the number of toy options out their for our littlest loved ones. Before you go shopping, check out some of our staff members favorite toys!

For the littlest ones in your life, floor time mirrors are excellent for helping infants to be motivated during tummy time. Activities in prone (on their tummies) are so important for babies to increase their core strength and further develop their gross and fine motor skills. Although it may seem like a boring toy, it could not be more beneficial for your child's development!

We love this toy because it works on manipulation and grasp, and also helps with hand strength when pushing the cookies in the jar. You can use it to work on reaching accuracy with your child as well by having your child reach up high or across their body to grab and place in the cookies. Its also a great activity to help with counting, number identification and pretend play!

We also love puzzles around here! Puzzles are great for manipulation skills, visual perception, and doing them as a family is a great joint activity.

We love this board game for social skills, turn taking, problem solving skills, and object identification. Plus, its a fun game for the whole family!

Legos are a classic toy that help promote fine motor skills, visual perceptual skills, creativity and problem solving skills. Different sets can change the difficulty level to make the activity age appropriate for your child.

The kids at All Care love this game and ask for it again and again! Great for promoting social skills and turn taking its also another game the whole family will enjoy!

Such a cute idea for any kid for Christmas! The books from Wonderbly add a child’s name in to the book, and the letters of the kiddos name determine the characters they meet and the experiences they have. How awesome!!

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