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Benefits of Using American Sign Language (ASL) With Your Child

Signing gives your child the ability to communicate earlier

Children use gestures before they begin talking and by encouraging gestures and signs, you promote your child's overall communication development. Overall, gestures and signs provide a child with a way to express himself and their immediate needs.

Signing to communicate supports behavioral regulations

Your child being able to express themselves better with signs/gestures can result in less crying when the child can request things using a quick sign (e.g., cookies) or sign combinations (e.g., more cookies) to indicate that they want instead of what you're giving them.

Signing supports visual and spatial attention skill

Recent research at Gallaudet University even suggests that ASL supports an individual’s reasoning, problem-solving and spatial skills because it is a highly visual language with spatial parameters. Related, another study found that 36-month-old babies learning sign language (both hearing and deaf) had conversation skills like 47-month-olds.

Signing promotes your child’s fine motor skills

Signing encourages the use of fine and gross motor skills to make signs for the letters of the alphabet, numbers, and words. This leads to improved coordination and motor skills to support writing, eating, dressing, and more.

Signing can allow your child to interact with deaf and other signing children

Learning ASL develops awareness and sensitivity to cultural and linguistic diversity while encouraging connection with the Deaf community.


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