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Books, Books, Books – Part 2!

Books, Books, Books Part 2! In this post we will look at an activity you can do with your child during shared storybook time while reading “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” by Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle.

While reading:

Each page features a different colored animal that the bear sees. Each page follows a rhythm easy for the child to follow along with.

Good questions to ask include:

“What animal do you see?”

“Where does the _____ live?”

“What color is the _____ ?”

“What does the _______ eat?”

“Have you ever seen _____?”

“Where have you seen the _____?”

“What sound does the ______ make?”

Post Reading Activity:

You and your child can then cut, color, and glue animal pictures on a paper sack! During this activity you can ask your child questions like: “What animal did the bear see first?” and “What animal did the bear see next?”. This will work on their sequencing and memory skills. Next, draw or use construction paper to create a bear face at the top on your paper sack! Ta da! You have created a bear puppet with characters from the story!

Activity Links:


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