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Books, Books, & More Books!

Reading and looking at books with your child is a great way to encourage and facilitate language. Plus, it is a great way to connect with your child! Start by using a book your child shows an interest in. The more they are interested, the higher the chance they will pay attention to what you are saying and doing.

Speech and Language areas targeted through shared storybook reading:

Speech sounds:

For children with speech sound disorders, hearing you model correct speech sounds will aid in your child acquiring the specific sounds they are working on.

Language skills:

  • Sequencing: You can read the story and then go back and ask your child, “What happened first?”, and then, “What happened after the she ate the cookie?”. These questions will help your child think back to the story and sequence the events in the correct order.

  • ‘Wh’ Questions: During or after reading the story, you can ask your child ‘Wh’ questions like, “Who was in the story?”, “Where did the rabbit go?”, or “Why did the boy go to the store?”. These questions will enhance their comprehension and reasoning skills.

  • Vocabulary: Reading books increases a child’s vocabulary. The more books they are exposed to, the more words they are exposed to!

Literacy skills:

Enhance your child’s literacy skills by doing the following:

  • Point to the author and illustrator and talk about what they do

  • Point to and talk about the title of the story

  • Have them follow along with their finger as you read the words

  • Have them turn the page themself

Most importantly, have fun with your child as you read together!!

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