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Teletherapy Recap

We have had a great first few weeks offering teletherapy services to our patients! Thank you for continually trusting us with your care and or your loved one’s care.

We wanted to provide a quick summary of our experiences and our vision of the future especially during this trialing time. Teletherapy has been a unique learning experience for everyone. As most of us entered this new way of service with hesitancy and concern over the quality equivalency to in-clinic care, our fears were quickly eased once our first sessions were completed. There are some great aspects of teletherapy that provide an excellent adjunct to our clinic services. Check out some of the points below that were learned!

Teletherapy allows our therapists to virtually enter the home which gives us good insight to the home environment, obstacles within the home that may need addressed, and home resources that may be leveraged creatively to effectively assist our progress towards therapy goals!

We have always valued client and family education during our therapy sessions. Teletherapy promotes family and caregiver handling techniques via virtual “on the job training” under therapist guidance and improved supportive skillsets to promote confidence and consistency outside therapy sessions.

Teletherapy ingrains responsibility on the client to complete their home exercises!

These, above, are but a few initial positive teletherapy highlights as we expand our virtual services. The following are notable populations found to be excellent teletherapy candidates to date:

Babies with Torticollis

Generalized Developmental Delay

Low Back Pain

Leg Pain

Arm Pain

Children with Emotional Disorders

Speech Difficulties

Toe Walkers

Children with Feeding Challenges


We look forward to continually serving our community no matter the format! If you are interested in starting teletherapy or in person services with appropriate safety measures in place, please reach out to our office.

You can also learn more about our teletherapy services by following these links here and here.

Thank you, again, for your trust in All Care Therapies of Georgetown! We always strive to provide the best care!

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