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Best Apps for Speech and Language Development

Long gone are the days when speech therapy meant tedious exercises in pronunciation. Instead, an onslaught of

apps makes language development genuine fun for children. Whether you have a laptop or an iPad, these

programs are easily accessible and often free.

Comprehensive and colorful, ABC Alphabet Phonics helps children who struggle with letter name identification.

Children practice labeling, following directions, and vocabulary by selecting and preparing different meals.

Brimming with educational content, this app features a variety of games and lessons that are perfect for

children of all ages.

Intuitive enough for young children, Peekaboo Barn encourages kids to listen to animal sounds and then push

open a barn door to reveal the animal inside.

Given the abundance of choice, finding the right apps for the kids in your family won't be difficult and will

accelerate their speech and language development tremendously.

Do you have any apps you love? If so, share them with us!

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